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The work week runs on autopilot for employees thanks to normally-great piece of technology, until a self-proclaimed "party girl" finds herself awake on a Monday morning. 

  • Written By

    Vince Dajani

  • Date

    November 09, 2021

  • Genre

    Psychological Thriller

About The Film

Written by Vince Dajani, Wednesdays Are Ours is a sci-fi, psychological thriller set very close to our own reality. A famous tech company built a helmet that allows people to sleep through the work week, running on autopilot until they wake up to enjoy their weekend. But as all giant corporations eventually do, the helmets became more exploitative than user-friendly. The film explores the dangers of technology and the never-ending desire for more. 

Wednesdays Are Ours originally began as a TV series, but was reworked into a short film to begin production in 2023 as a proof-of-concept. 

Scroll below to read the script. You can request the full Pitch Deck by contacting me here

Wednesdays Are Ours

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