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During public panic over a serial killer in 1919's New Orleans, a young woman shoots a seemingly-innocent man. As her trial approaches, she and a Navy officer must piece together the truth about her victim, or face the disturbing realization that the killer may still be at large. 

  • Written By

    Vince Dajani

  • Date

    May 06, 2022

  • Genre

    Thriller, Historical Fiction

About The Film

Written by Vince Dajani, Tartarus is a psychological crime thriller set around one of America's most prolific serial killers. 

Based on a true story of an unsolved series of murders, Tartarus follows two converging storylines in a format that has never-been-done before in major films. 

With twists, turns and a deeper mystery for the audience to piece together along the way, Tartarus takes inspiration from majorly-successful TV series like True Detective and The Staircase. 

After multiple rounds of rewrites, Vince considers Tartarus to be his best work yet. 

Scroll below to read the script. You can request the full Pitch Deck by contacting me here

Tartarus – V3 4.15.22

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