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A reluctant music journalist delves into the absurd life and tragic death of over-the-top 80s rock star Mullen Fischer, accidentally discovering that he
might still be alive.

  • Written By

    Vince Dajani

  • Date

    February 08, 2022

  • Genre

    True Crime Mockumentary

About The Series

Written by Vince Dajani, Deep Inside The Music is a mockumentary spoof, parodying the true crime podcast genre.

It can function as both a fiction podcast or a TV series, however the current script was written as a podcast. It was entered into the Audible fiction podcast contest 2021. 

Deep Inside The Music is an over-the-top comedy series that parodies music television shows, combining Satirical bands with an historically-accurate look inside the music industry, and just a dash of “true” crime.

Join journalist and host Misha Pravesh as she breaks down the life and death of the world’s most famous short-lived rock star, Mullen Fischer, who rose to fame in the late 80s on a one-hit wonder, then famously spiraled out of control until his eventual death in 1994. Misha uncovers the lies behind the fame.

As the first episode draws to a close, we learn what kicks off the rest of the season: Fischer isn’t actually dead. He’s been alive, making music and changing his name with every new genre trend he tries to chase. What reveals itself is a story of love, loss, a body double and some terrible, terrible rock ballads.

Scroll below to read the script. You can request the full Pitch Deck by contacting me here

Deep Inside the Music – Pilot

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