• How i Died (TV Pilot)

    TV PilotsHow i Died (TV Pilot) (p) Prev projectMaskedAll Projects LoglineJumping on the chance to return to the field of forensics, a

  • Masked

    TV PilotsMasked (p) Prev projectWednesdays Are OursAll Projects(n) Next projectHow i Died (TV Pilot) LoglineA chronically-afraid home invasion survivor starts her first

  • Wednesdays Are Ours

    Short FilmsWednesdays Are Ours (p) Prev projectDeep Inside The MusicAll Projects(n) Next projectMasked LoglineThe work week runs on autopilot for employees thanks

  • Deep Inside The Music

    Fiction PodcastsDeep Inside The Music (p) Prev projectTartarusAll Projects(n) Next projectWednesdays Are Ours LoglineA reluctant music journalist delves into the absurd life

  • Tartarus

    Feature FilmsTartarus All Projects(n) Next projectDeep Inside The Music LoglineDuring public panic over a serial killer in 1919's New Orleans, a young