By Vince Dajani July 11, 2019 In Blog, Fiction Podcasts

How i Died

Springfield’s new forensic pathologist must solve a series of decades-old homicides while hiding his ability to speak to the dead.

| Written by Vince Dajani |

Fiction Podcast Series | 2019 to Current (3 Seasons)

How i Died is an original series from Vince Dajani, starring Shaina Wareing, David Dixon, Vyn Vox and Caitlin Roberts. Directed by Chroma Sikora, with sound design by Eric Howell.

The fiction podcast currently sits at the top-50 fiction podcasts on Apple Podcasts charts, and has recently passed 2 million downloads.

Taking inspiration from some of Vince’s favorite television series, like Bones and House, How i Died brings elements of procedural medical drama and gripping characterization to the fiction podcast genre.

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